Taco Bell Bacon Chalupa

It was getting late in the evening and I still hadn't done anything new yet for the day. 
My pile of books from the library was diminshed.
There was nothing new in my cabinets to try.
My husband and I had even driven aimlessly around town to no avail, as the places we haven't eaten at in our town weren't open.
What to do?!
My daughter and a friend were making a run for the border and in my desperation I asked for 'something new' from Taco Bell.
Of all the places!!
She brought home a Taco Bell Bacon Chalupa at 10:00 p.m. and I had fast food way past my bed time.
And you know what, it hit the spot!
Maybe it's the abundance of shredded lettuce or the finely grated cheese or maybe it was the double meat - crispy bacon and grilled chicken....whatever it was, I slept well knowing I had fulfilled my daily goal. Best part - it didn't give me indigestion, my stomach didn't even hurt the next day and now I know my family is all in in helping me to 'something new'!

What's your late night go to?
Or what do you wish you could still eat late at night?

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