Chino Hills

I wasn't sure what to label this post, as there were so many new things!
We started the morning with a jaunt through Chino Hills
I recommend taking the back roads from Yorba Linda to Chino Hills, as long as you don't get car sick. The road is windy and beautiful and it reminded me of the road to Jaco from San Jose in Costa Rica, only there are aren't potholes the size of goats nor are there semi's barreling towards you at high speeds of velocity. We were confused where hiking began and where to park, as many residents seem to walk from their homes and other guests drive through the park.

I then made the girls "hike" to the Redwood Grove in Yorba Linda. From our friends house it was barely a jaunt, though it is peaceful and if you have young kids this is a perfect place for them to roam.

And after two hikes everyone needs sustenance...
We tried to balance our sugar levels from Donut Star with healthiness from Acai Republic where we had Acai bowls, juice, pao de queijo and coxinha.
Both places in Fullerton receive two thumbs and five stars as their service was terrific, the cleanliness and safety protocols were top notch and most importantly the food hit the spot!

Delicious little tear-drop shaped coxinha!

How do you refill your empty tank?

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