Frooze Balls

I need to eat on a regular basis, like really regular, I have snacks in all my bags and all of our vehicles. Skipping meals or forgetting to eat is not a thing I ever intend to do and fasting is....something I cannot do.
Anyways, after walking three plus miles with a friend, I needed to pick up a few things at Trader Joe's and I wandered the aisles a little too long, because suddenly I had to eat.
The shakes and sweats were just a minute away and I wanted to attempt to be healthy and not just pick up a pint of ice cream, a muffin or stuff a whole pack of Joe Joe's into my mouth (all these are go to's), so I scurried to the protein bar aisle, as I knew that was what my body was craving. Frantically, I scoured the section thinking, "something new, something new, something new" and, lo and behold, bite size Frooze Balls.
Chocolate, hazelnut, dates, I like all those things, and though I am not a connoisseur of vegan delights, these hit the spot that needed filling and I would buy them again, but of course, trying the other flavors. ;)

 What's your go-to emergency meal/snack?

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