This first picture has nothing to do with Graham-Kapowsin High's just that we went to see Raya and the Last Dragon IN the movie theatre! It was a giddy time with family. 
But this short, Us Again, is a must see, tear-jerker and heart-string-puller.
Dance with your special person!

To get into high school sporting activities these days you need a ticket akin to a 'golden' one (at least in our county) and schools are only handing out so many (25% capacity anyone?), so I feel lucky/blessed to have friends all over so that I could watch my daughter play volleyball.
Driving out to Graham-Kapowsin I had to stop at a lot of stoplights, as the area is a pictorial illustration of sprawl (note the picture of is definitely a growing area). 
Apparently the unusual name 'Kapowsin' comes from a founding lumber company - it sure is a fun name to say and try to spell.
The staff were professional and kind with thermometers in hand and I'm SO thankful schools are having sports and spectators.

As you can see, we were definitely six feet away from the players!

A most gorgeous view from the parking lot 

What is/was your high school mascot?
What do you wish it was?
What are/were your high school colors?
Do/did you have a letterman's jacket?

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