Chung Ki Wa

We've driven by this restaurant often and I've always wondered what it was like inside. I can finally say I've been there and I can recommend it too! We didn't know exactly what to order, but I'm glad we didn't get the 'all you can eat in 90 minutes' because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to take our delicious leftovers home. We ordered the combination meat plate, but I think next time we'll just get the Korean BBQ brisket (that's what everyone else was having!). The bibimbap kimchi cucumbers were our favorite. 


For dessert we had green tea ice cream and nutella and sweet potato taiyaki at T-Town Cafe on South Tacoma Way. There were a lot of seating options and a stream of people ordering all of the stuff! It was all scrumptious, even if the first taste of green tea ice cream reminded you of a grass shot. I've already told quite a few people about this place and I look forward to going again because there are so many desserts I haven't had yet and I do love me some desserts!

If you're a new trier of things, I recommend visiting the bathroom of the places you try because it gives you an excuse/opportunity to see more of where you're visiting, like other peoples tables/food, the kitchen, the far recesses of places...

What restaurant/place do you see and always drive by?

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