Monster Hunter

I think the last video game I played was Pac-Man...
To "play" Monster Hunter I had to have a tutorial in how to use the controller and then I still didn't really 'get' it. I had to keep looking down at the controller to push the correct buttons, which if you're not looking at the screen is a determinant, because it can get you killed real quick or your dangos stolen.
My character kept looking up at the sky. I mean it was beautiful, but I guess you're supposed to look around you so you can find doors, people and keys to quests.
I wasn't trusted to barter or battle monsters. 
I was only trusted to eat and explore...hmm...kinda sounds like real life.

If you're not a gamer and you want to give your gaming loved ones a good laugh, ask to play!
I would have to spend A LOT of time to figure this all out, as it is an entirely new world in all of the ways. And for all you of you non-gamers, did you know Monster Hunter was a movie?! (I didn't until I googled Monster Hunter.)
Again, another new thing that was humbling, chuckle inducing, eye-opening and brain expanding.

What's your all time favorite video game?
When was the last time you gamed?

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