It was a low-key, uneventful Mother's Day as I found myself scrounging in my carry on for sustenance (sometimes my job isn't conducive to my life!). I'd had the Noka Peanut Butter smoothie before and it was super yum, so I thought I'd try these, as I'm always trying and buying "fruits and veggies" in a bag or bar form, because it's super convenient, doesn't take any thought, and it's easy to travel with. I don't know how 'super' this is, but at least I had some mother would be proud of me.

I then did this new workout, as I'm always looking for motivation in a hotel room because I'm not a big fan of hotel gyms... Cassey was super upbeat, which is what I needed on this ho-hum day. I then did some yoga with my old pal, Adriene.

Who do you work out with?

Something New

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