5/13 NW Furniture Bank

So back in January the Monster Truck Rally was sold out, so we bebopped around Downtown Tacoma and randomly perused stores. Who knew a few months later Cuteboy would be working at one of those locations? 

One day when I was out of town with the kiddos, Jerm called whining about his day. I told him he needed to stop thinking about himself and give his life away. I suggested he call the NW Furniture Bank and see if he could volunteer. As it turns out he had lunch with the Executive Director who asked him if he wanted a new job! Today was his first day.

His main focus will be starting up Springback Recycling NW.
Breaking down mattresses, building up lives.
He doesn't know anything about mattresses, but he's ready to learn.

Beware of the stores you wander into...they may change your life.

What would you do to connect your head and your heart?

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