It's January 12th.
It's not to late to talk about goals is it, because I've got some...
* Write a poem a month
*Attend SCBWI
*Write another screenplay
*Start another YA manuscript
*Revise and submit all six of my finished* products (Any agents out there reading this? I'm easy to work with, I promise.)  
*Blog at least once a week
*Have my neighbors over for dinner
*Be ready for Hollywood when they call (not exactly sure what this means...maybe making sure my moleskine is packed and my eyebrows waxed?) 
*Visit a new country 
*Run another half marathon
*Keep doing new things everyday
*Love my family well 

There's the list wonderful people.
Hold me accountable.

What are your big, crazy, dream inspired goals?
There's absolutely nothing wrong to dreaming big and crazy like. In fact I encourage it!
*I'm a fan of the editing process 

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