Holy cow!
It's my blog-iversary!
I've officially done Something New for 365 days!

The best - Going places where there was complete newness:
Most random - DopeFree comic book day 
Most hits - Pumpkin"ness" 
Favorite Park - Playground by the Sound 
Favorite Coffee Shop - Amocat
Ones to do again-Theo Chocolate, Trapeze 
Changes - I'm going to count books as Something New (finished 93 this year) and write a book review of some type. Because you have to admit reading changes the way you see/experience things - new worldviews, characters, plots, ideas.
Favorite books:
Little Bee
Save the Cat
The Descendants
Boy in the Striped Pajamas
The Fault in Our Stars
So what now?
I'm going to keep going. For my family it's been a great way to live life. To continually get out and experience the world in a different way. Some days the SN was a life moment/celebration. Other days it was planned, other times it was "Quick, stop, pull over and let's try it."  Some days we savored it. Other days it was a huge inconvenience. 
Hmm...kind of like real life.
The something new of today is giving myself a makeover - the blog that is. (thanks Rachel)
Thanks for joining me in the newness.
So off we go into year two - doing Something New everyday. Yes, everyday.
Are you ready for this?

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